About Us

Litecraft is a brand by Gilton Electricals, a firm based in the city of Chandigarh (India) since 1972. Having more than four decades of experience in the field of lighting, and with associations with world renowned brands in lighting, such as Philips and GE, Gilton brings you ‘litecraft’ lighting products, which are focused around the concept of latest technology in lighting, such as LED’s, and customization, whether it be in the form or appearance or performance of the lighting product, or finishes etc. With Litecraft we intend bringing highly customized lighting solutions at the doorstep of our customers, with the highest quality standards possible in the marketplace for LED lighting products today, alongwith the services of lighting design by ISLE (Indian Society of Lighting Engineers) / IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America) member team, and also fully experienced team members who have the capability to assist customers with any installation. We, at our end are also constantly innovating to bring newer and better products and services to our customers each day, and constantly striving to come up to the expectations of our customers. Our product profile covers mainly the residential, hospitality, retail & commercial lighting applications.


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